The sad thing was i read this series and fell in love with it…just to realize it I read it before lol I totally forgot the plot :/

I hate people generally, but I like people individually.
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1. 10 simple solutions to restore your energy. Hate that just after lunch feeling? We do, too. In fact, everyone does. It’s 1 p.m. and you can feel yourself slipping. It’s so hard to fight, but guess what – there are some simple tricks to beating it!

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political correctness kills creativity' if you can't create something without furthering the oppression of minorities, you aren’t a very creative person.

Hello there, I've been following this blog for quite a while now, I love how you help everyone on here. Now I have a request. Got any tips on writing smutt? As my URL suggests I'm fond of cyberpunk, and I write a novel of this genre. It's pretty violent, and when I write sex parts I feel I'm being way violent, I don't know how to explain. Anyway, thanks in advance and greetings from Mexico!


im writing a story with multiple sex scenes and im just needing some advice on how i can write them all differently enough that it doesn’t get boring for the reader. thanks!
Smut guides of tumblr
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I’d suggest both of you check those links, some really helpful information for you. On making them different I would say that sex is never the same twice, foreplay can be different, the situation, location, position. So keep this in mind when writing and perhaps with each smut scene focus on different aspects off the experience. 
Any other advice, guys? -S


Thought-Provoking Photos Reveal the Complexities of Life As a Chinese Muslim Woman

For Musilin: Call Her Fatimah, photographer Giulia Marchi traces the experience of modern Chinese Muslim women through 22-year-old Ding Lan, one of the many young people studying at Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt. Mostly in their early twenties, Ding Lan, whose Muslim name is Fatimah, and her peers make the journey from their hometowns throughout the provinces Gansu, Qinghai, Ningxia, and Henan in hopes of building a deeper understanding of their cultural history outside of China, where they make up the minority population. At the university, students study the Koran and Islamic law while learning to read and write in Arabic.

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I messed up :/ now I need to get a new debit card tomorrow. Also just realized a textbook for a class was recommended not required so…going to return it~ and get the last textbook I need for this semester.

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Rin Matsuoka || F R E E ! es ep. 12


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