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One thing you can always count on is that hearts change”
What is the difference between 愛, 恋, and 恋愛? I know that they both have something to do with love but what's the difference? Thanks in advance!


Hello, sorry this is extremely overdue ><

Yes you are right — they all have to do with love. However, 恋 (koi) and 恋愛 (ren ai) are both similar, while 愛 (ai) is a bit different.

愛 is more of a general term for love as it can refer to all types of love rather than just romantic love. For instance, love between a mother and her child, love for a friend, or love for a religion. (definition)

  • ex. 親の愛 (oya no ai) - parental love
  • ex. 兄弟愛 (kyoudai ai) - sibling love
  • ex. 母の愛 (haha no ai) - maternal love
  • ex. 神の愛 (kami no ai) - God’s love
  • ex. 家族への愛 (kazoku e no ai) - love for (his) family
  • ex. 男女の愛 (danjo no ai) - love between men/women
  • ex. 日本に対する愛 (nihon ni taisuru ai) - love of Japan
  • ex. 世界への愛 (sekai e no ai) - love of the world


On the other hand, 恋 and 恋愛 are more specifically for romantic kinds of love. Both have the same kind of meaning, but 恋愛 is heavier and more serious, whereas 恋 can be that or a cuter/lighter love like puppy love. You can say 恋愛する (ren ai suru), but 恋をする (koi wo suru) is more common. 恋愛 is also used as a genre name. 

恋愛 (definition):

  • ex. 恋愛関係 (ren ai kankei) - a romantic relationship (heavy)
  • ex. 恋愛中 (ren ai chuu) - to be in love, in a relationship
  • ex. 恋愛結婚 (ren ai kekkon) - love marriage
  • ex. 恋愛小説 (ren ai shousetsu) - romance novels
  • ex. 恋愛事件 (ren ai jiken) - love affair
  • ex. 恋愛歌 (ren ai uta) - love song
  • ex. 恋愛ドラマ (ren ai dorama) - romance dramas
  • ex. 彼女と私は社内恋愛中です。(kanojo to watashi wa shanai renai chuu desu) - She and I are having an office romance. 

恋 (definition):

  • ex. 恋の神 (koi no kami) - Cupid
  • ex. 恋の達引 (koi no tatehiki) - rivalry in love
  • ex. 愛のかたき (ai no kataki) - rival in love
  • ex. 恋人 (koibito) - lover, sweetheart (serious)
  • ex. 恋に落ちる (koi ni ochiru) - to fall in love (with ~)
  • ex. 恋を打ち明ける (koi wo uchiakeru) - to declare one’s love
  • (だれか)に恋する - to be in love with ~
  • ex. 僕は君に恋をする。(boku wa kimi ni koi wo suru) - I’m in love with you.
  • ex. 私は恋に落ちています。(watashi wa koi ni ochiteimasu) - I’m falling in love.

I finally got my p.o box in order and ordered Diabolik Lovers More Blood and two light novels (Brothers Conflict). I can’t wait.

» 試験。。。終わった。

Yesterday I wrote my final exam of the school year. Sadly I think  positive  I failed it. It’s okay. I accepted it, it was my fault at the end anyways. I just can’t repeat the same things next year as it is my final year…must graduate with decent marks. 

I still have summer school waiting for me so this break will be short. Some what looking forward to the courses as they seem interesting. 

Anyways, until then I shall relax & have some fun. 


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